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Mars 10, 2022


Little Duos, today Deanston
Madeira vs. Oloroso

Again, indeed. Deanston's become one of our pet distilleries, if I may. Love what they do, even when it's unlikely (strange casks and such). Always fun, always fair, never pretentious.

Deanston 12 yo 2006/2019 'Madeira Cask Finish' (55.6%, OB, distillery exclusive)

Deanston 12 yo 2006/2019 'Madeira Cask Finish' (55.6%, OB, distillery exclusive) Four stars and a half
It was obviously tough to do some distillery exclusive bottlings just before stupid Covid. But I would suppose the whisky mob's always there to help them get rid of the stash. Colour: straw. Nose: right-o, mustard, walnuts, wholegrain bread, a touch of apple vinegar, cider for sure, sourdough, leaven, baker's yeast… Indeed we're at a bakery. The neighbours are brewers. With water:  mead and beer, then walnut wine. Mouth (neat): extremely good. I remember when Glenmo came up with their own 'Madeira', a long time ago, it was already almost everyone's favourite. As for the 'Burgundy', well... But back to this wee Deanston, the sweet mustardy touch, mingled with liquorice and a little pepper liqueur and honey just work a treat. Sometimes you would think of fortified mead, or chouchen. With water: orange cordial and walnut wine, with a dollop of honey and, well, Madeira. Finish: long, rather rich but with a wonderful dry structure. Figs and very old riesling. Comments: I'm in a good mood, just because of this wee whisky.

SGP:561 - 88 points.

And so, number two…

Deanston 12 yo 2008/2021  'Oloroso Cask Matured' (52.7%, OB, 13,227 bottles)

Deanston 12 yo 2008/2021  'Oloroso Cask Matured' (52.7%, OB, 13,227 bottles) Four stars
Colour: rich gold. Nose: there, more walnuts, then meats, hams, mutton suet, glutamate, caramel ramens, sour cherry jam, roasted cassis, beer sauce (carbonnade), and just some mineral, thick and walnutty oloroso, with a little overcooked office coffee around 7pm, NYPD-style. Like in a crime series on the telly. With water: salty, bouillony, meaty. Malt extracts, a touch of Marmite, more walnut cake, last week's gravy, meatballs, beef jerky… Mouth (neat): very heavy and thick, dry and concentrated, but quite bizarrely, it would never get cloying. Burnt walnut cake, burnt brownies, a feeling of dry molasses, treacle toffee, and just more carbonnade flamande. Massive bone-dry oloroso, with just touches of pencil shavings. With water: chills out, becoming a little sweeter and jammier, also spicier. Ras-el-hanout and pipe tobacco. Finish: long, this time really fruitier. Fruitcake and fig wine. Rather some cracked pepper, paint, oak and cedar woods in the aftertaste. As when we used to suck our pencils at school (tsk tsk). Comments: really heavier, but I say it's almost a draw.
SGP:562 - 87 points.

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