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September 29, 2022


Little duos, today Glenfiddich
and gooseberries

Fist time we try the new experimental Glenfiddich, called 'Orchard', while wondering whether they did not 'add pears to pears' with this combination – which would be a little tautological, no? Let's see…


Glenfiddich 'Orchard Experiment' (43%, OB, 2022) Three stars
The story goes like they've finished a fairly young Glenfiddich in 'Somerset Pomona', which, as I understand it, is to Somerset what Pineau des Charentes is to, well Charentes. Basically a blend of apple juice with apple brandy (vs grape juice and cognac). Or there, pommeau from Calvados. What's more, this is a short finishing, 4 months. Colour: gold. Nose: indeed, pears to pears, plus some extra-zestiness brought by notes of green gooseberries and granny smith, making it somewhat gossamer. In the words of Rowan Atkinson, this is "very nice". A lighter honey in the background, perhaps acacia. Mouth: sweeter than your regular Glenfiddich, reminding us that that English pommeau is a liqueur, so very sweet. Certainly very good, but we've lost a part of the lightness that we really enjoyed when nosing it, while this would rather be geared towards Spanish apple liqueur, Manzana Verde or else. Still good though, thanks to the zesty apples. Finish: medium, sweet and zesty indeed, not unlike some good German rieslings. Comments: well, they did not quite add pears to pears, rather apples.
SGP:641 - 82 points.

Another Glenfiddich please…

Glenfiddich 18 yo 'Small Batch' (40%, OB, +/-2022)

Glenfiddich 18 yo 'Small Batch' (40%, OB, +/-2022) Three stars
Ex oloroso and bourbon. Classic version of Glenfiddich, hope it'll be a little less thin than last time we tried it, back in 2016. Colour: gold. Nose: this one's much more buttery, cakey, with touches of sour wood (or walnut bur) and a curious feeling of fern and menthol, rather unexpected. A little cedarwood too, English breakfast tea, fig cookies… Really a fine nose, once again. Mouth: once again a cakey arrival, but this time rather with oranges and roasted nuts (and black nougat). The middle is rather drier, if not a little drying, with good leafy sherry. The oranges striking back after a while. Finish: medium, dry, with some tobacco, bitter chocolate, malt, plus indeed marmalade. Comments: I liked the new Experimental 'fiddich a little better for it was zestier. I'm sure this 18 would reach a (relatively) higher league when bottled at 43% vol. or even a little higher.
SGP:341 - 80 points.


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