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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

December 27, 2022



The Time Warp Sessions,
today Longmorn
2005 vs 1969

Old Longmorns, whether sherried or not, were something. I'm glad to try this 1969 that I had never tasted before. I mean, I've certainly never scribbled any tasting note for it… But first, the youngster, I've chosen one that could well go the distance…
(Picture, a younger Andrew, a younger Richard, and a younger admirer)




Longmorn 15 yo 2005/2020 (49.2%, The Whisky agency, sherry butt, 323 bottles)

Longmorn 15 yo 2005/2020 (49.2%, The Whisky agency, sherry butt, 323 bottles) Four stars
TWA have bottled many superb earlier vintages of Longmorn. Colour: amber. Nose: wee whiffs of gunpowder, then dried meats (jerky, biltong), clay and concrete, chocolate, coffee, old walnuts and fresh mushrooms, old musty cellar… It is, indeed, very oloroso-y and very dry on the nose. Mouth: the sweeter side, bags of oranges, some gunpowder and flints again, artichokes and eggplants, not quite cabbage, chocolate, tobacco, leather, bitter oranges, rum and raisins, dates… It would get rounder over time, almost losing its flints that, by the way, never bothered us in this context. Finish: long, on chocolate, clove and marmalade, with a little leather in the aftertaste. Plus cocoa and walnuts, naturally. Comments: rather dry sherry. Very very good, as expected, TWA are quasi-specialists.
SGP:661 - 87 points.

I'm glad I had kept that rather perfect sparring-partner, because see what's coming…

Longmorn 28 yo 1969/1998 (56.3%, Signatory Vintage, 10th Anniversary, cask #4254, 220 bottles)

Longmorn 28 yo 1969/1998 (56.3%, Signatory Vintage, 10th Anniversary, cask #4254, 220 bottles) Five stars
Well this is not a sherry monster, according to the colour. And it was Signatory's 10th anniversary, well done Andrew!… well we may be late at the party, are we not? It's a rare bottle, we've never tried it. Colour: gold. Nose: grandiose, an all-natural cask, and a stunning nose on tangerines, bergamots, chartreuse and camphor, plus perhaps dragon fruit and a pack of menthol cigarettes (as far as I can remember). Incredible, ravishing freshness. With water: oh everything from a beehive, pollen, nectar, honey, old pinewood, beeswax, resin (propolis)… Save the bees! Mouth (neat): almost in all points identical to the nose. Citrus, mint, and some honey to bind everything together in perfect harmony. With water: the fruity 1960s in their most majestic glory. Quince and mirabelle, butter pears, acacia honey, candied clementines, bergamots indeed, honeysuckle and mullein syrup… Finish: perhaps not the longest ever, but these fruits and honeys are just perfectly perfect. Comments: Only the backbone or structure was a tiny wee tad flabbier and 'sweet', if I humbly may, which will prevent me from going even higher than...
SGP:741 - 92 points.

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