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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

April 15, 2022


Tasting Ardbeg NAS NFT, WTF, LOL

Another NFT whisky. Nutshell, you lose your money now, on April 19 (minimum £2,363 a bottle, LOL) and you get a certificate, while they will ship all bottles to Singapore, from where you'll be allowed to redeem your stuff from Dec. 1., unless you've already flipped your miserable certificate, as new Ferrari owners used to do with their purchase orders in the 1980s. If you live in Singapore, that would be okay, if you live in Europe, I doubt this polluted little planet will ever thank you enough. So, let's taste the NFT…


Ardbeg 'Fon Fhoid NFT' (45.5%, OB and BlockBar, 2022, 456 certificates)

Ardbeg 'Fon Fhoid NFT' (45.5%, OB, 2022, 456 certificates)
So a clownish idea that no one really needed and that a handful of other slightly slutty brands (such as usual suspects D*** or M***, rather unsurprisingly) have already tried to implement, apparently. What's more, this NFT is NAS (naturally) while behind it, there is a whisky 'that spent nearly  3 years in a peat bog' like a dead corpse, which sounds even more WTF, really. Colour: ? Nose: ? Mouth: ? Finish: ? Aftertaste: kerosen, engine oil, CO2, fine particular matters and dead endangered species. Comments: a little tragic but fortunately and as far as we can tell, neither absurdity nor ridicule ever killed anybody in whisky. Yet.

SGP:??? - 00 points.

Not sure that one's really non-fungible. We can't wait to try Macallan and Dalmore's own NFTs.

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