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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

November 11, 2022



The Time Warp Sessions,
today raw Speyburn

A session sponsored by Fiddler's Highland Restaurant, The Green Mainstreet, Drumnadrochit, Inverness IV63 6TU, United Kingdom. That'll be a beer, Jon.

Speyburn 12 yo 2009/2021 (51.8%, Alambic Classique, bourbon barrel, cask #21013, 142 bottles)

Speyburn 12 yo 2009/2021 (51.8%, Alambic Classique, bourbon barrel, cask #21013, 142 bottles) Three stars and a half
Colour: white wine. Nose: as raw and natural as malt whisky can be, that is to say totally on 'barley eau-de-vie', lager, kirschwasser, bison vodka, artisan cider and granny smith. No makeup whatsoever. With water: some chalk and fresh plaster, raw wool, cider apples… Mouth (neat): distilled lager. Believe me, I've done that quite some years ago. Porridge, gooseberries, apples, cider, kirshwasser, and only distant echoes of vanilla. With water: barley, apples, stewed rhubarb, sweet bread. Millimetrically seminal, shall we shamelessly add. Finish: medium, malty, a notch grassier but always very eau-de-vie-ish. A little lemon in the aftertaste. Comments: not earthshattering, should we add 'of course', but extremely likable. Pure malt.
SGP:451 - 83 points.

Speyburn-Glenlivet 15 yo 1975/1991 (63.1%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection)

Speyburn-Glenlivet 15 yo 1975/1991 (63.1%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection) Five stars
Reassuringly 'matured in an oak cask', as always. Always better said. We've stumbled upon quite a lot of perfect rocket fuel within this series, let's see… And by the way, it's to be noted that there was also a stunning 'black dumpy' bearing exactly the same data, but not sure it was the same batch. One of the best Speyburns ever bottled. Colour: white wine. Nose: there are many similarities, around apples and eau-de-vie, but there are also extra-layers of waxes, metal polish and limoncello, plus some old chartreuse. With water: incredible, taking water gracefully. Fresh paint, more limoncello, chalk, some camphor, old cough syrup, Bénédictine… Were some monks running Speyburn Distillery in 1975? Mouth (neat): burns a bit but you do feel that this is going to be perfect, with an incredible oily texture that doesn't only come from the high ethanol. Some sublime old-school herbal liqueurs kept in stoneware, plus chalk and, indeed, homemade limoncello. Every tried grapefruitcello? Or pompelmocello? (not sure that's the real name). With water: amen. More chalky pompelmocello (just checked Google, that's an actual name!) Finish: very long, with even more herbs and citrus, waxes, honeys, eucalyptus… Comments: it could well be that it was the same liquid as that that was in that stunning black dumpy 1975/1991 at 63.1%. Terrific Speyburn by Cadenhead. Excuse me, Speyburn-Glenlivet.
SGP:571 - 92 points.

(Many thanks, Tomek!)

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