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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

December 26, 2022



The Time Warp Sessions today Glenlivet
+/-21 years old

We keep trying new expressions vs older bottlings, from the same makers and, when possible, sharing similar ages, or casks etc. We used to do that often in the olden days, it was time to keep reviving that tradition on wee WF!


Glenlivet 21 yo 'Sample Room Collection' (43%, OB, +/-2022)

Glenlivet 21 yo 'Sample Room Collection' (43%, OB, +/-2022) Four stars
We last tried the regular Glenlivet 21 years old 'Archive' in… 2006, but we had really liked it back then (WF 87). Time to try a newer expression and check if it's kept its reassuring, very faintly smoky old-schoolness in this new guise that now includes a finishing in Cognac, Port and Oloroso… Colour: gold. Nose: I have the impression that it became more floral, kind of fresher, with more dandelions, also orange juice, also stewed mirabelles… But indeed this is not the old 'Archive'. I'm finding this extremely nice, but perhaps less old-school that it was earlier. Probably less core-quality sherry in there, and consequently, more vanilla. What's sure is that it's still an upper-class Speysider on the nose. Mouth: much maltier, much more on cakes straight from the oven, brownies, palo cortado… We're also finding a little mint, some camphory elements, angelica, aniseed, liquorice… While the lower strength doesn't seem be a problem here, on the contrary. There's even a little rancio in the background, and prunes. Finish: medium, perhaps even a little short, but some raisins and some coffee are flying to the rescue. A little black tea and just oak in the aftertaste. Comments: an excellent expression, one of the best within the official range, which got funnily modern on the nose, and extremely classical on the palate. I have the feeling that our score needs not be changed from that of the older 21 'Archive'. Having said that, quite intriguingly, they say that 'The brand recommends pairing with brie, green olive tapenade, and roasted almonds.' Roasted almonds?
 SGP:551 - 87 points.

Glenlivet 1972 (58.5%, Gordon & MacPhail, Sestante import, Distillery label, 75cl, +/-1992)

Glenlivet 1972 (58.5%, Gordon & MacPhail, Sestante import, Distillery label, 75cl, +/-1992) Five stars
This one came with a cork stopper. We've guestimated the year when it was bottled, that couldn't have been much later anyway as it is a 75cl bottle that, by the way, stems from the wonderful Golden Promise Bar in Paris. Actually, it's probably younger than 21, perhaps around 18? Or even 15? We've never tried this one. Colour: amber. Nose: classic deep and thicker sherry, yet I wouldn't say it is a 'sherry monster', it's more delicate than that. In truth you have the impression of visiting Bodega Tradicion (or any other high-end bodega within the magic triangle), copita in hand. Fino, amontillado, palo cortado, oloroso, then the various old glories, but not much sweet PX or moscatel. You may then add teaspoons of old balsamico, artisanal soy sauce, some pipe tobacco, some old armagnac, vieille prune… And rather a lot of chocolate. Rather magnifico. With water: some kind of very high-end bouillon that posh restaurants would only serve around 2 or 3am on January 1. Notes of artisanal biltong too, as well as cooked ceps. Cigars. Mouth (neat): starts a little syrupy, with some coffee liqueur and some sweet pepper cordial, with various dried and candied fruits kicking in successively, in a very traditional (and Christmassy) manner. Dried apricots, candied oranges, beerawecka, dates filled with marzipan, and yeah, Christmas cake. Fewer salty elements than on the nose, no bouillon, soy sauce and so on, this far. With water: old Ténarèze! Loads of chocolate and tobacco, and a much drier profile altogether. Finish: long, all on chocolate and just a marvellous old oloroso. Corinthian currants and tobacco in the aftertaste. Rather no bouillon in the aftertaste , some marmalade instead. Comments: I believe this is an ode to bottle aging. We'll keep a sample and next time G&M release an 1972, we'll try both head-to-head.

SGP:561 - 92 points.

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