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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

July 26, 2023



Summer Duets
Today Glengoyne
OB vs. IB

Glengoyne engaging in guerrilla marketing at the Islay Festival in 2004. Right behind, their yacht "Taora" where quite a few non peated drams were consumed. (WF Archive)

Glengoyne's main selling point used to be that it was the least peated or smoky malt whisky in Scotland. Well, kind of. The consequences, I would suppose, is that they had to be extra-careful with the refill wood they were using. Anyway, we've had many totally brilliant Glengoynes in the past and we deeply hope we'll find more, even if these two should not be total high-rollers…



Glengoyne 15 yo (43%, OB, +/-2022)

Glengoyne 15 yo (43%, OB, +/-2022) Four stars
They've had an okayish 15 'distiller's gold' five years ago (WF 80), while we've last tried the regular 15 ten years ago, which had been much, much more to our liking (WF 87). Colour: straw. Nose: beeswax and ripe apples in abundance, candles, mirabelles, croissants, grist, semolina, maize bread, plus hazelnuts and breakfast tea. English tea, naturally. Mouth: excellently malty and orangey, with kougelhopf and panettone, raisin rolls, almonds, finger biscuits, Jaffa cakes, cassata and amaretti… Well this is truly first-rate. Finish: pretty long, perfect, on pastry and raisins. Drop of Cointreau in the aftertaste. Comments: I'll keep my high score. Plus, I think it's a fab beginner's malt for friends, relatives and neighbours, together with some of the official Glenrothes (or some BBRs, G&Ms…) No problems whatsoever with the low strength, it takes it well.

SGP:551 - 87 points.

Please an indie of more or less the same age…

Glengoyne 14 yo 2008/2022 (55.1%, Hunter Laing, First Editions, refill barrel, cask #HL9265, 223 bottles)

Glengoyne 14 yo 2008/2022 (55.1%, Hunter Laing, First Editions, refill barrel, cask #HL9265, 223 bottles) Four stars and a half
I believe this one was done for our awesome friends in lovely Switzerland. It's as clear as… say glacier water. Colour: pale white wine. Nose: same traits, just more power, a tad less cake, and a notch more fresh fruits and IPA. With water: it's a very waxy distillate, do they also have gunge growing in the receivers? Sunflower oil, a little white chocolate, roasted maize, apple juice, fresh almonds and hazelnuts… Mouth (neat): it's really a clean distillate, this time more on citrus and Jell-O. With water: no, cakes are back, together with sultanas, citrons, quinces, hay, barley and cane syrups… Finish: long, perfect, citrusy, appropriately fat and waxy, with some welcome grassiness in the aftertaste. Comments: perfect distillate, at the core and the bone of unvarnished maltiness. It will not surprise you that we are big fans of this style.
SGP:561 - 88 points.

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