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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

September 21, 2023


Two little Lowlands because
summer is not gone

There are more of them these days, especially new ones, but we'll keep this shortish session, well, short, with just an indie Auchentoshan and a secret Lowlander by some of the greater folks in London. Secret Lowlanders are a new thing, are they not?




A Lowland Distillery 15 yo 2007/2023 (51.9%, The Single Malts of Scotland, for Kirsch Import, barrel, cask #77, 168 bottles)

A Lowland Distillery 15 yo 2007/2023 (51.9%, The Single Malts of Scotland, for Kirsch Import, barrel, cask #77, 168 bottles) Four stars
The problem with the Internet is that you always end up knowing which is what, often without even searching for the info. You're looking for the exact number of bottles and bam, the information subtly arrives: this should be Glenkinchie. If that's the case, I've noticed that I've only ever tasted a dozen independent Glenkinchies, all from old vintages. Well, we haven't tasted thousands of official Glenkinchies either... Colour: white wine. Nose: you do find small whiffs of rose petals at first, before it would dive into a large bucket of pancake dough. Also whiffs of nail polish and very light acetone, which I always enjoy, then that family pack of gummy bears I keep mentioning (is it serious, doctor?) I also keep mentioning Californian IPA, which we'll find in there too. With water: as often, geared towards more dough and fresh breads. Which we strictly always enjoy. Mouth (neat): all doughy sweetness, driven by lemons. Let's say a large lemon tart topped with excessive amounts of meringue and some pepper from the oak. With water: citrusy herbs and plants coming through, lemongrass and grated lime zest, touches of yuzu gin. I know. Finish: rather long, refreshing, lemony. That yuzu gin plus some ginger tonic. Comments: we're still in the summer vibe, are we not. Excellent drop.
SGP:661 - 86 points.

Auchentoshan 32 yo 1991/2023 (48.7%, Halcyon Spirits, cask #1896, 140 bottles)

Auchentoshan 32 yo 1991/2023 (48.7%, Halcyon Spirits, cask #1896, 140 bottles) Four stars and a half
Only the second bottling by Halcyon Spirit, their first one having been an excellent rather old-school Macallan. Classic names so far… Colour: golden. Nose: lovely coconut water and woodruff at first, that's possibly the old cask, then custard tart, ripe banana, dandelions and gorse, mirabelles, preserved peaches… Then a little fresh moist marzipan, crushed almonds, even faint touches of sesame oil… This is pretty perfect, ultra-classic old yet fresh Auchentoshan, without any excessive cask or wine impact, which is always the best way in our book. Ideas of mangos coming out after ten minutes. Mouth: perfect lemony creaminess, in the style of older Auchentoshans, with a tannicity that some might find a bit excessive, but that's not the case at all for me, as we also find some small spices and herbs to great effect. Touches of coconut as well, and even tiny hints of rum. Lemon peel keeps it tight. Finish: long, tight indeed, with some green peppercorns. More zests and bitter almonds in the aftertaste, and williams pears in the after-aftertaste, which I find very cool. Comments: I've seen that Auchentoshan Distillery just celebrated their 200th anniversary. Well, this 1991 was a perfect celebratory dram, so triple happy birthday!
SGP:571 - 88 points.


Wgiskyfun 101

  Glenkinchie's big still
According to the owners Diageo, Glenkinchie has the largest wash still in Scotland, with a capacity of 31,000 liters. However, it's not certain that they fill it to its full capacity, as capacities and actual working 'payloads' in volume (charge) are not, I think, necessarily exactly the same thing, generally speaking.







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