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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

August 21, 2021





Angus's Corner
From our correspondent and
skilled taster Angus MacRaild in Scotland
Two Jura
We seem to be increasingly observing, on these very WF pages, that there are many very good indy Juras about - thanks in no small way to some excellent early 1990s parcels of stock - while the OB bottlings remain a tad more 'unlikely'. Obviously this assertion rests solely on available tasting experience, and if you're putting a 30yo refill hogshead up against the latest batch of Jura 'Seven Wood' then you might be quietly committed for drawing any other conclusion. I think it would be a good idea to test this theory though, as like many distilleries these days, there's quite a few OB single casks quietly slipping into the market all but unnoticed, usually via the medium of distillery exclusives and 'hand fills'. Which, by the way, are no bad thing.


Jura 19 yo 2001/2020 (55%, OB 'Distillery Cask', cask #1708, sherry butt, 470 bottles)

Jura 19 yo 2001/2020 (55%, OB 'Distillery Cask', cask #1708, sherry butt, 470 bottles)
Colour: gold. Nose: it has this immediate and very pleasing 'gingery' quality, which I find quite 'Jura-esque'. Beyond that notes of caramelised oatmeal, millionaire shortbread, tobacco leaf, mineral oils, leather and wee sooty touches. It is undoubtedly a charismatic spirit when presented in pretty straightforward, uncomplicated form like this. Indeed, it becomes a little waxier, and more towards breads, beers and snapped twigs with time. With water: takes on a big leafy quality, lots of wet moss, tree bark, chlorophyll and nice petrichor notes. Mouth: wonderful arrival, all on malt extract, shilling beers, aniseed, cough medicines, lanolin and milk chocolate. The sherry is present but elegantly restrained and well-integrated. More impressions of shoe leather, sunflower oil and turmeric. With water: more aniseed, fennel, hessian, herbal teas, mint and tea tree oil. Very easy and rather honeyed too. Finish: good length, on mead, cough medicines, moss, more honey and ales. Comments: If you have this quality and character of whisky why not try to put that more front and centre rather than buying it under the weight of all that carpentry. The kind of bottling that, had it been an indy release, I expect might ironically have garnered more notice. Quality is very high I think.
SGP: 661 - 87 points.



Jura 2002/2019 (56.5%, OB 'Bottle your own', cask #2441, sherry)

Jura 2002/2019 (56.5%, OB 'Bottle your own', cask #2441, sherry)
This is one from the peated batches of Jura, not something the indys have as far as I'm aware, but these stocks have certainly garnered high praise in earlier bottlings. Colour: gold. Nose: hugely peaty and fat and almost greasy. Memories of this style come rushing back and I'm reminded of the brilliant old 5yo OB for The Whisky Exchange. This deeply sooty, smoky, mechanical and turfy manifestation of peat smoke that involved kippers, TCP and gentian notes. The sherry is well integrated too, which is good news. With water: a more savoury and ashy smokiness now, bacon frazzling in a pan, smoked mussels in brine, aniseed distillate and mercurochrome. Mouth: huge whisky but a restrained arrival due to a wonderfully syrupy and concentrated texture. Big, oily peat, medicines, natural tar, lightly herbal qualities and things like smoked olive oil, camphor and iodine drops. Direct, uncomplicated, beautifully constructed whisky that offers maximum sipping pleasure. With water: a lighter touch from the peat now, although still quite deeply smoky, notes of cloves, five spice, eucalyptus and more tarry and peppery qualities. Finish: long, oily peat, tar again, more hessian, spices and seawater. Comments: I would say some years in the bottle and this would add the requisite complexity to cross the 90 point threshold and keep on going. Extremely good whisky and probably one of the most underrated modern makes about, because who is really nattering about peated Jura? Anyway, I would love to see them make more of a fuss about these stocks.
SGP: 576 - 89 points.



In conclusion, I think it's safe to say that it isn't really about who bottles Jura, so much as how it is bottled. Probably a pretty universal rule for whisky, and I would say one we already knew and that precisely no one needed this wee tasting session to affirm for them. But, at least some fun has been had - and isn't that the point after all?




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