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Hi, this is one of our (almost) daily tastings. Santé!

Mars 4, 2022


Little duos, today opposite Jura

I just wanted to do a very short session today, with two Isle of Jura that should be utterly different. I know this won't be fair, but is life fair? I would add that every time we're trying Jura's whisky, we're thinking of George Orwell. Even more so these days…


Jura 'Journey' (40%, OB, +/-2021)

Jura 'Journey' (40%, OB, +/-2021) Two stars and a half
A very fairly priced NAS – well, all NAS should be fairly priced, like less than £50! – that's meant to be a blend of peated and unpeated whiskies from the famous Distillery. Jura Journey is not a new expression, but it's the first time we're having a go at it. Colour: pale gold. Nose: I've read on a prominent 'lifestyle' blog that this one is smoky because they deep-char the barrels. 'Lifestyle', we said. We'll it's not very smoky, in fact, rather pretty leafy and tea-ish, with just overripe apples and tiny touches of cellar dust, mustard, plus a little toffee, vanilla fudge and wee hints of Madeira, not uncommon in Jura. Neither is this little sootiness. Fine nose, rather light but 'with something special'. Mouth: good sooty start, with some oak, ashes and a little lapsang souchong (there, smoke), but it's soon to become thin and even skimpy (shall we say). Dry, leathery and salty, with also a feeling of coal dust on your palate. Finish: short, saltier yet and even more reminiscent of the driest Madeiras. Sercial, right? Dry ashy aftertaste, with also pear peeling. Comments: after all, this is meant to be the bottom-of)the-range. Not unpleasant, at all.

SGP:352 - 78 points.

This is where things get really unfair…

Jura 27 yo 1991 + 1994/2021 (52.1%, WhiskySponge, refill barrel and hogshead, 334 bottles)

Jura 27 yo 1991 + 1994/2021 (52.1%, WhiskySponge, refill barrel and hogshead, 334 bottles) Five stars
An unusual bi-vintage bottling. The label is really fun. I see a tanker of E-150 in the background, but no large plastic Phylloxera and no matching tie and handkerchief, so not dead sure this is that famous and much skilled Master Blender we're all thinking about…  Colour: straw. Nose: more mineral, more austere, more on flints, cider apples, perhaps turnips, scoria, asparagus, salmiak, rapeseed oil, grape pips, walnut skin, brake dust… I really love all this austerity, we're almost in white wine territories. Reminds me of that PX seco that I tried the other day, brilliant wine that I may remember forever. With water (which should bring out the fruits): no! Rather wool, plaster, fresh paint, linoleum, lip balm and paraffin, then beeswax and drops of vase water. Mouth (neat): masterly work. Dry mustard, chalk and flints, dry Madeira this time again, leather polish, walnut skins, then rather salted citrus, pickled lemons, a touch of peppermint, vegetable bouillon… Doesn't quite feel 27 but who cares. With water: there, gentian, apples, walnuts and various oils. Finish: long, with perhaps a little more lemon, otherwise chalk and wool. The expected ashy mustard in the aftertaste. Comments: it remained austere all along, from the first to the last drop. I would add that it reminded me, at times, of those St Magdalene we tried right yesterday. No bad news, now I'm not an utter fan of all old 'refill' Juras, but this time I bow.
SGP:372 - 91 points.

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