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Banff Scotch Whisky tasting notes

Selected Whisky Blogs and Websites

Malt Maniacs This symbol means 'Malt Maniac Inside', meaning that the website is either entirely or partially mastered by one or several members of Malt Maniacs.
Personal and Corporate Whisky Blogs in English (older first)
Malt Maniacs Thumbs Up Whisky Malt Madness ('log' since 1996) by Johannes van den Heuvel, Holland. Johannes started his page in 1995 and implemented a 'log' about whisky in 1996, way before blogs were even invented. Fiercely independent, truly irreverent and extremely funny, in other words: blogging as it should be (but alas, as it very rarely is elsewhere these days.) From January 2010 on, Johannes goes on blogging on his malt-madness-blog.
Malt Maniacs Whiskyfun (since 2002, 'diary' since 2004) by Serge, France. Oh well, this one isn't really recommended, and lacks blogging technology. And the English is foul. Only for the record...
  Whisk(e)y Tumbler (previously Whisk(e)y 2.0, since 2005) by Daavid and Petiba, Hungary. Fun, news and worthy POVs.
  The Whisky Grotto (since 2005) by Johan Ronnestam, Sweden. Less active than it used to be but Johan blends nicely whisky and digital marketing ideas, a combo that's more and more fashionable.
  Whisky News - Malthead (since 2005) by Pete Lamb. Moderately active but the spirit is there. A blog that I always enjoyed (not only because of the glowing tribute to little whiskyfun ;-).
  The Scotch Blog (since 2005) by Kevin Erskine, USA. Less active than it used to be but interesting nevertheless.
Malt Maniacs Thumbs Up Whisky WhiskyCast (since 2005) by Mark Gillespie, USA. THE audio blog about whisky, from the charming, yet regrettably dry town of Haddonfield, New Jersey. Very professional!
  Thumbs Up Whisky Whisky-News (since 2006) by Patrick Brossard, Switzerland. Patrick isn't into fancy graphics but his web site (both in English and French) is loaded with worthy information. One of our favourites.
  Dr.Whisky (since 2006) by Sam Simmons, UK/USA. Sam works for the industry but to my amazement, he managed to keep a fair and balanced yet pleasingly irreverent POV on all things whisky. And yes, he should post more...
  Islayblog (since 2006) by Armin Grewe. Everything Islay, not only whisky.
  The Bruichladdich Blog Business blog (since 2006) by Mark Reynier, Scotland. A fascinating read if you're interested in the daily concerns of an independent distillery owner. Very well written.
Malt Maniacs Thumbs Up Whisky Nonjatta (since 2007) by Chris Bunting, Japan. Everything about Japanese whisky and culture, an essential reading.
  Seen Through a Glass (since 2007) by Lew Bryson, USA. Lew blogs about whiskey and beer and adds interesting personal stories. A blog with attitude.
  Sku's Recent Eats (since 2007) by Steve Ury, USA. Not only about whisky but anything's good when the writing is good.
  One Malt (since 2007) by the Knuckelheads of Scotch, USA. Yeah, that's the spirit!
  What Does John Know? Business blog (since 2007) by John Hansell, USA. John owns the American magazine Malt Advocate and is now pioneering the fine art of blogrumming (crossbreed of a blog and a forum) - con mucho gusto.
  Cask Strength (since 2008) by Joel and Neil in London, UK. These fellows are switched on fun mode and do not take all this too seriously. Applause.
  Thumbs Up Whisky The Whisky Exchange Blog Business blog (since 2008) by Tim Forbes, London, UK. An excellent business blog that doesn't read like a business blog at all. After all, maybe it's no business blog! Superbly written and full of wit but I insist, Tim should post more (or be allowed to post more!)
  Whisky for Everyone (since 2008) by Karen and Matt, UK. They teach what they learn and that's just the way it should be in my opinion. Very good work.
  WhiskyNotes (since 2008) by Ruben, Belgium/Spain. Mostly tasting notes about new bottlings, pretty accurate and well written.
Malt Maniacs Thumbs Up Whisky Whisky Intelligence (since 2009) by Malt Maniacs' Lawrence Graham, Canada. All the news and all the press release from the world of whiskies. If it's no news it ain't there.
  Thumbs Up Whisky Whisky Reviews (since 2009) by Ralfy Micthell, Scotland. Great videos and a lot of fresh air. One of my favourites, Ralfy does it right, may he go on for decades and decades.
  The Master Blender Business blog (since 2009) by Whyte & Mackay/Richard Paterson, Scotland. The epitome of a full-blown no-limit Web2.0 corporate effort and in that sense often quite interesting and fun to follow. 'Paroxysmal'.
  Tocasaid (since 2009) A blog about and promoting whisky, politics, philosophy and Gaelic culture. A natural combination.
  Dramming (since 2009, ex-whisky-rating) by Oliver Klimek in Germany. Oliver rates whisky and we cannot be against that, can we? He also comments on the whisky news.
  WhiskyHost Blog (since 2009) by Joe and Jason in the US of A. Very varied and often interesting. From April 2010 on, became Guid Scotch Drink.
  Whisky Party (since 2009) by Mike, Mike, and Dan in the USA. News, tastings and 'best of blogs', well done.
  Scotch Hobbyist's Blog (since 2009) From the newest generation of whisky bloggers, Jeff learns and teaches about whisky and he does it well. Several worthy whisky resources are to be found there.
  Whisky Israel (since 2009) by Gal Granov. All things whisky from an Israeli point of view, including tasting notes.
  Master of Malt Whisky Blog Business blog (since 2009). Good balance has been found between business annoucements such as newly stocked bottlings and interesting whisky news.
  Whisky Online Blog Business blog (since 2010) by our friend Angus. Actually, this very well written and very witty blog does not seem to contain any 'commercial' hints so it's more a personal blog that's hosted by a retailer.
Malt Maniacs Thumbs Up Whisky Canadian Whisky by Canadian Malt Maniac Davin de Kergommeaux (since 2010). This one will rock and already rocks, actually. Much more than just a 'me too', a great example of a new wave specialised whisky blog.
    Whisky Story by Dougie (since 2010). A journey round the whisky distilleries of Scotland, inspired by Alfred Barnard (and a dram or two). Excellent!
  Dominic Roskrow's Blog by Dominic Roskrow, obviously (since 2010). Insiders' views are always interesting.
  Danish Whisky Blog by Steffen Bräuner (since 2010), Danemark.
  Thumbs Up Whisky Whisky Science by Teemu Strengell (since 2011). Science, really.
    The Singapore Whisky Blog by Benjamin Chen (since 2011), from Singapore (obviously).
    Whisky Market Place blog (since 2012) Stuart comments on new whiskies and tells us where to find them.
  Other whisky blogs worth reading from time to time (some might be inactive, list not updated on a regular basis): 2 Dram - Adventures in Whisky - Alcademics - Alcohol Reviews - American Hooch - AnCnoc Blog - Andrew Jefford - The Aspiring Gentleman - Balblair Blog - BBQ and Bourbon - Best of Whisky - Billy's Booze Blog - The Bottlenecked Blog - Bourbon Blog - Bourbon Buzz - Burning Still - The Casks - Chuck Cowdery's blog - Cologne Whisky Connoisseurs - Cooking with Booze - Discover Whisky - Distant Thunder Whisky Club - Dowd's Spirit Notebook - Dr. Scotch - The Dram - Drink Spirits - Dubber and Clutch - Edinburgh Whisky Blog - Fahrenheit 173 - Finest Whisky - Glasgow's Whisky - Glenfiddich Explorers Blog - Glenglassaugh Blog - Grain Mash - The Grill - Håvard Eide - Hot Whisky - Islay Scotch - The Irish Whiskey Blog - Irish Whiskey Notes - Isle of Jura Blog - Jak's Corner - Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews - The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society - Just Drinks - Keepers of the Quaich - Liquorature - Loch Fyne Whiskies' Blog - The Malt Diary - Malt Hound - The Malt Impostor - Malt Resistance - Maltoman - Nose Palate Finish - Other Pleople's Leisure - Practical Whisky - Premium Spirits - Ryan's Ratings - The Rum Howler - Scotch Adict - - Scotch Chix - Scotch Malt Whiskey Society-Rogers Park - Scotch Maven - Scotch Odissey - Scotch Talk - Scotchy Scotch - Scotland Stevenson - Scotsman Whisky - Single Malt TV Blog - Single Malt Whisky - Spencerfield Spirit - The Spirit Safe - Spingbank Tasting Room - Still Life - Stu's Whisky Blog - Syracuse Blog - Tasty Tasty whisky - Two Drams - Wednesday Night Whisk(e)y Society - Whisk(e)y Apostle - Whisk(e)yblog - Whiskey Break - Whiskey Matters - Whiskey Recipes Blog - Whiskies of Scotland - Whisky2.0 - Whisky Ace - Whisky and other wonderful things - Whiski Bar - Whiskies Matters - The Whisky Blog - Whisky Boys - The Whisky Connoisseur - Whisky Corner - Whisky Critic - Whisky Distilled - Whisky Drink - Whisky Events - Whisky Galore Blog - Whisky Geek - Whisky Guild - The Whisky Guy Blog - The Whisky Lounge - Whisky Merchants - Whisky Notes from the Clubhouse - Whisky-Online Blog - Whisky Opinion - Whisky Pages - The Whisky Shop Blog - Whisky Simon - Whisky Straight - Whisky Tag - Whisky Tasting Notes - Whisky Tutor - Whisky Viking - Whisky Wall - The Whisky Wench - The Whisky Wire - The Wild Scotsman - Wolf and Whisky


A few Whisky Blogs in other languages (alphabetical)
Malt Maniacs   Dave Broom's Blog. Dave's blogs in Japanese, probably very brilliant. I'd love to hear somebody talk in Japanese with a Glaswegian accent ;-).
Malt Maniacs   Bert's Whisky Dagboek by MM's Bert Bruyneel, in Flemish.
  Il Bevitore Raffinato about all spirits, in Italian
  Malt in Pot by Fred and Antoine, France. It's in French and it's about all things malty, beer and whisky. nice tasting notes in Français.
  Onversneden by Johan. It's in Dutch and 'onversneden' means both 'undiluted’ and ‘unadulterated', which we believe this very nice blog is.
Malt Maniacs   Single Malt Lover! by Ho-cheng Yao, Taiwan. In Chinese. I'm sure what Malt Maniacs' Ho-cheng says is very interesting ;-) and the pictures are nice anyway.
  Whiskyfanblog Website and blog by Jörg Bechtold (in German), since 2003. A good excuse to start to learn German. by Miroslaw. In Polish. Lots of nice pictures.
  Whiskycircus French website, full of funny spoofs - too bad it's inactive.
Whisky Websites (information - alphabetical)
  Aberlour Collection One of these specialised private websites that are so precious...
  Ardbeg Pages by Geert Bero, Belgium. Geert knows everything about Ardbeg and hosts the famous Lindores Whisky Festival in Ostende.
Malt Maniacs   The Ardbeg Project by Tim, USA. All you want to know about all the official Ardbeg bottlings.Highly recommended (with Geert's help).
Malt Maniacs   Celtic Spirit Journal Very interesting info by MM's Lex Kraiijeveld. Off the beaten tracks for sure.
Malt Maniacs   Charles MacLean The famous Scottish whisky writer.
  Classic Expressions Superb re-editions of whisky classics.
  Collector's Encyclopedia Milan's Giorgio D'Ambrosio displays a part of his very large collection. About Glenlochy, with a great bonus: lots of data and pictures of spirit safes About Glenugie, obviously
  Islay Whisky Archive A searchable database of thousands of Islay whiskies. Too bad it hasn't been updated since quite some years, but it remains a worthy resource.
Malt Maniacs   Konstantin A formidable friend and a true whisky nut from Vienna, Austria. Konstantin is a Malt Maniac.
  Thumbs Up Whisky Laphroaig Collector by Marcel van Gils, Holland. There should be such a website for each and every Scottish distillery!
  The Longmorn Brothers by Hans Dilesse and Govert van Bodegom. Good taste, obviously.
  Magnus Whiskysida by Magnus in Sweden, a large Benriach collector.
Malt Maniacs Malt Maniacs What can I say? Markus tells you everything about his favourite distillery (multi-language site)
  PLOWED - Doctor Entropy's Holistic Dramming Insitute by Tim and gang, USA. Always fun after all these years, all are great, great guys.
  The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh. As close to visiting a distillery without visiting a distillery as you can get.
  Sip Smoke Savour A new website that talks about all sorts of pairings. Interesting...
  Sir Bowmore Hans Sommer's page about all things Bowmore
  Whisky Emporium by Keith in Bavaria, Germany. Keith writes in English and is very knowledgeable about whisky and food pairings. Ah, chocolate and whisky...
Malt Maniacs   Whisky, The Buxrud Single Malt Whisky Collection by Ulf Buxrud, Sweden. A collection of worthy information on whisky and bottlings, online since... forever ;-).
  Whisky-Distilleries Jean-Marie Putz' bilingual whisky website (English and French). Jean-Marie also organises the Whisky In the Church festival in The Hague.
  The Whisky Guide A lot of information but in Feb 2010, this nice website doesn't seem to be updated anymore.
  Wormtub Nice info on distilleries including closed ones
A Few Clubs (alphabetical)
  Club o. Mosellan des Amateurs de Whisky in Lorraine, France.
  Lindores Whisky Society by Luc and the crazy Belgians, they organise the famous Lindores Whisky Fest in Ostende, Belgium. Having said that, they wear strange shirts (is beige really a colour?)
  Los Angeles Whiskey Society in L.A., USA. Superb club website, wow! Too bad L.A. is so far away from Alsace...
Malt Maniacs   Malt Whisky Society of Australia MM's Craig and gang doing greatly downunda
  Les Passionnés du Malt in Toulouse, France. The fine art of pairing whisky and cassoulet ;-).
  One Malt Home of the Knuckleheads, USA (ah, sweet old HDs...)
Malt Maniacs   Regensburger Whisky Club in Bavaria, Germany.MM's Pitt Krause is at it.
Malt Maniacs   Uisgebeatha Whisky Club Malt Maniacs' Joe's South African whisky club.
Malt Maniacs   The Victoria Single Malt Club in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - organisers of Victoria Whisky Festival
Malt Maniacs   The Whisky Club of Austria in Vienna. The waltzing whisky lovers!
A few Forums and Social Communities in English (alphabetical)
  Bladnoch Distillery Forum Bladnoch harbours a very friendly and pretty active whisky forum. They have some excellent very fairly priced own bottlings from time to time.
  Chwisgi a social website for whisky lovers.
  For Peat Sake Readers can write their own reviews.
  For Scotch Lovers A community that seems to blend information and commercial activities.
  MALTS-L the ancestor of all open whisky communities, started around 1994, now operated by Malt Maniacs. Not as active as in the past but the archives alone are worth a few evenings of reading.
Malt Maniacs Thumbs Up Whisky Spirit of Islay/Warehouse No.4 by Gordon Homer, UK. Not only a forum, also a well-known chatroom with prestigious guests. Gordon is online since the year 2000 and has always provided us with great information and passion. Recommended!
  Straight Bourbon USA. A huge forum gathering more than 5,000 members at time of writing (Feb 2010).
  Whiskybase A database that lists 13,300 bottlings, incuding 1,871 notes by 1,200 users at time of writing (Feb 2010)
  The Whisky Channel One of the early whisky communities, led by expert Ian Buxton. 1,160 members at time of writing (Feb 2010).
  Whisky from Islay A new community, still small at time of wrinting but bound to grow I guess
  Whiskyconnosr Another database/community that lists 478 tasting notes by 2,850 users (!) at time of writing (Feb 2010)
  Whisky Magazine Forum A large UK forum with an active community.
A Few Forums and Social Communities in other languages (alphabetical)
  Thumbs Up Whisky Whisky-Distilleries Forum by far the largest whisky forum in French, pleasantly ruled by Jean-Marie Putz. Many friends there...
  Whisky Forum our friends in Greece
  Het Whisky forum an independent Dutch-language whisky forum for The Netherlands and Flemish Belgium.
Recommended shops - sorry, no link swapping, only shops that I have tested are listed here
BE Whisky Corner by Marc Segers in Belgium. Marc, you shouldn't have opened that rare Old Clynelish 12 for the US!
BE Whisky Samples by Luc Timmermans. Why only dream, want to try those old Bowmores or Springbanks? This is the place. Luc keeps opening old (and new) wonders for you to taste... But where are the shrimp croquettes?
CH Angels Share in Switzerland. Peter wrote an exceptional encyclopedia about whisky and is a very knowledgeable retailer.
CH Whisky Time in Switzerland. Franco's such a cool guy, it's impossible not to buy your whisky from his place!
DE Whisky-Doris in Germany. Many German bottlings of very high quality, and the Debbelers are very friendly and quick to ship their treasures.
DE Whisky-Fässle in Germany. Another excellent option for some rare German bottlings including Jens' own bottlings. Ships very quickly (German service, right!)
FR La Maison du Whisky In Paris, France. Especially for their own bottlings, always of very high quality.
FR Tregor Whisky in Brittany, France. The best source for the Celtique Connexion malts and for Glann ar Mor's much sought after single malts.
IT Whisky Antique in Modena, Italy. Massimo Righi aka Max's new shop.
NL Rare Whisky Site In Holland, they specialise in interesting tasting kits (whiskies in tube). Fairly priced!
NL Van Zuylen in The Hague, Holland. How Mr van Zuylen manages to keep such low prices, I don't know.
UK Loch Fyne Whiskies In Inveraray, Scotland. Great shop, old skool, great wit, bravo Richard!
UK Master of Malt In the UK. Recently revived with much panache. Very nice own bottlings.
UK Royal Mile Whiskies In Edinburgh and London, UK. Good service, friendly people.
UK The Whisky Exchange In London, UK. Ships worldwide, extremely large selection, impeccable service. Some old bottlings too. Great own bottlings at fair prices.
DE MARA in Limburg, Germany. If you're into old bottlings, go there.
IT Whisky Antique in Modena, Italy. Massimo Righi aka Max's new shop.
IT Lion's Fine & Rare Whisky in Venice, Italy. Diego Sandrin's shop, with some great, great old rarities.
Other worthy websites about whisky
  Kazuo Yoshida Maybe it's a small workd indeed, but all these miniatures can give us good indications regarding old bottlings, dates and so on.
  The Pour
Other great websites about other topics
  FEC Diary
  Ernest Preiss Get Alsatian wines
  Freedom and Whisky Freedom and Whisky gang thegither!
  Handicap International Help fight these fucking cluster bombs
  The Ileach On Islay, baby
  Islay Weblog
  Medecins sans Frontières Doctors without borders - the French Doctors
  Ministry of Rum
  Modern Drunkard Magazine
  Sloshed! All the bartending you can read from books
  Slow Food
  Tire-bouchon Random travel notes from all around the world...
  Visit Scotland
  Wine Journal by Neal Martin
  Wonderful Scotland Great pictures by a Japanese master of the camera
  Community Music Project Hippies and environnementalists offer some free music. Peace and love (so right).
  KCRW Very good content - and some special shows.
  Cybroradio Online radio for Jazz and Blues lovers.
  Matador Records Excellent record company.
  MLive's Accoustic Café Very good content - and some special shows.
  npr Music Lots of on-line live shows and excellent guests!
  Open Source Audio Great experimental music and old recordings. And I like the spirit....
  Open Sound Pool Lots of music to download, sometimes great, sometimes weird. For open minded people like we both are, aren't we?
  Pow-wow central Extraordinary site about jazz. Gerat mp3s and made with a lot of flair.
  Rappamelo Cult web site with a lot of great and rare jazz (especially Italian jazz)
  UbuWeb Still superb, superb, superb (after all these years!)
There's nothing more down there...