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Cragganmore Scotch Whisky tasting notes

Ye Auld Pages
Various old data and information (that I didn't want to dump)


Virtual Tours Distilleries   Panoramic tours of various distilleries originally made by Jeroen Kloppenburg in the 2000s (from the now sadly deceased Peatfreak website)
Stephane   Stéphane's malt cocktails the highly skilled malt mixologist used to publish interesting recipes on Whiskyfun.
Harry's Guide of Indepenent Bottlers  

Harry's Guide of Independent Bottlers (now outdated but some parts are interesting from an historical POV)

Paul spits fire   Serge's Statistic Shack
Top Maniacal Malts (last updated 06/08/2009)
Recent bottlings version - Old bottlings version
Strange Bits on Bottlers
The Malt Maniacs   The old Malt Maniacs Picture Book

Please note that newer pictures are to be found in the Malt Maniacs and friends group on Facebook

MM Awards 2006 filling party in Alsace
(2 pages)
Various pictures

Islay 2006
(2 pages)

Islay 2005
(3 pages)

Italy 2004 Serge's Photos
Islay 2004 Davin's Photos
Islay 2004 Serge's Photos
Islay 2004 Olivier's Photos
Islay 2004 Ho-cheng's Bruichladdich Photos

Alsace 2003
Scotland Pildrammage 2003
Hamburg 2003

Milan 2002
Paris 2002
Islay Festival 2002
Dramsterdam 2002

Various events

THE OLD MALT MANIACS MALT MONITOR   The Malt Maniacs' Malt Monitor We stopped updating this Excel/PDF version in 2010 when we launched a much improved online database called the Whisky Monitor.

A List of Serge's E-pistle's on Malt Maniacs
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So, does age matter? (PDF)
Commotion at the Collecting House

Do you believe in bottle maturation?

What's 'Modern' whisky?

Serge's Simple Tasting Tips
A dozen delightful '2006' drams

Brora Distillery profile

Winesky, Woodsky or Weirdsky?
The Lost Pandora Box
An Interview with Mike Nicolson
An Upside Down Whisky Convention

Hijackers in Anoraks
Whisky Live Paris 2004
The Fake Hunt Continues
Spring 2004: Great Finds & Honours List
2003 - Peaty or Pity?

Whiskyship Zurich 2003 Report
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Paris Whisky Festival 2003 Report
Vinexpo or Whiskexpo?
Pandora VI Pandemonium
Walpurgis: 8 Beauties & 8 Beasts
Organising My Mania
Murray McDavid, My Mission
The Signatory Signature
Hot & Heavy in the Cold of Winter
French Still Life
Pandora Prelude - A 'Live' Tasting of 8 Blinds

Paris Whisky Festival 2002 Report
Summertime Blues
interview with Olivier Humbrecht
The Islay Festival 2002: Miss & Mess
Aqua Dolce Vita
My March 2002 Tastings
Trio de Violoncelles en Islay Majeur
An Interview with Mark Reynier
Seven Steps to Maltmania